Digital Media Exam -1 Results

All Candidates scored following marks out of 20

Divya saksena : 17 Marks

Ajeet Kumar: 16 Marks

Rajesh nagbanshi: 15 Marks

Archana tiwari: 15 Marks

Anoop Pandey: 14 Marks

Umesh Singla: 13 Marks

Vinay kumar : 13 Marks

MAMTA: 12 Marks

Ronshush grover: 12 Marks

Amit: 12 Marks

Sandeep Chakraborty: 12 Marks

Vartik varshney: 12 Marks

Chandan kumar: 11 Marks

Vinay kumar: 11 Marks

Jyoti grover: 11 Marks

Kunal: 11 Marks

Congratulations for all selected candidates & good luck for other participants for next exam.

Answer Key:

1. In which space all website data saved?


2. What Basic Things You Need To Start a Website

All of The Above

3. What is WordPress

Website creation tool based on PHP

4. In a WordPress “Responsive Ads” display in which area of website?

Adjusts anywhere on the website

5. _____ uplift your website in search engine results


6. ______ is the dominant paid search advertising service on Google Search result


7. YouTube is a product of which company


8. How much views are required to start the process of monetization in YouTube?

4,000 watch hours

9. How much subscribers are required to start the process of monetization in YouTube?

1,000 subscribers

10. An ___________ account is needed to get payments from google


11. Community tab is currently available only on channels with at least ___________ .

10,000 subscribers

12. How many days old website eligible for applying google ads?

0 Day

13. The following item(s) may be protected by copyright

All of the above

14. Copyright infringement can result in:

All of the above

15. In YouTube violent, dangerous content, hateful content, threats, spam, misleading metadata, or scams are the part of ____________ .

Community Guidelines

16. Google AdSense pay you after ___ Dollar


17. Which social media has most users?


18. _______ is not displaying any paid advertisement


19. World’s largest photo sharing app


20. In these options _____ is the most popular videos streaming site


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